Idiot Trump Supporter Wants To ‘Bomb The Sh*t’ Out Of ISIS Near Israel

A "Daily Show" correspondent attended a Donald Trump campaign rally to document its similarities to a circus act, but what he found was more disturbing than expected.

"Daily Show" correspondent, John Klepper, wanted to dig a little deeper into the spectacle that is a Donald Trump Rally and how much of a circus it truly is.

Klepper found himself at the recent New Hampshire campaign stop where Trump infamously called Ted Cruz a p*ssy.

While outside of the rally, Klepper interviewed a few Trump supporters, one of whom said that China would be tasked with paying for Trump’s wall at the Mexico border. Another — who slightly resembles Silent Bob — said that if elected, Trump will be instrumental in the “defeation of ISIS.” (That is not a typo, he said “defeation.”)

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The most ridiculous and disturbing comment was from another male supporter who said America should “bomb the sh-t” out of ISIS somewhere near the “Israel-area.”

In an effort to make clear, profound comparisons between Trump’s 2016 presidential run and a real circus, Klepper spoke to Adam Realman — a Coney Island sideshow performer — about what makes such a display so compelling. 

“When a lion tamer sticks his head in a lion’s mouth,” Realman explained, “you want to see the lion just chomp his head off.”

While Klepper took a humorous approach to reveal the absurdity that goes on during Trump campaign rallies, the blatant ignorance and hatefulness spewed by his supporters is actually quite alarming.

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One of Trump’s greatest strategies has been the use of fear-mongeringto sway Americans to agree with his bigoted views on Muslims, Syrian refugees and Mexican immigrants.

However, it would appear by the extremist behaviors his supporters are exhibiting, they are more of a threat to the American people than any of the aforementioned groups.

The white supremacist, hateful, fanatical people who are coming out in support of Trump pose more danger to the freedom and democracy America prides itself on than anyone else at this point, including ISIS. While ISIS may be trying to infiltrate our country … these domestic terrorists that share the same values as Trump are already here. (Does the Oregon standoff ring a bell?)

Watch Klepper's "Daily Show" segment in the video below:

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