If People Can't Have Sanders, They'd Rather Vote Trump Than Clinton

Hillary Clinton is so disliked, Bernie Sanders supporters also approve Donald Trump, as West Virginia primary exit polls conveyed.

Almost half of the voters in West Virginia who supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary earlier this week said that they would rather vote for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, exposing the latter’s fierce unpopularity among voters.

According to a CBS  poll, 44 percent of Sanders voters said they would vote for the presumptive GOP candidate if Sanders wasn’t an option. Only 23 percent of Sanders supporters said they would vote for the Democratic frontrunner Clinton. Thirty-one percent said they would support neither Clinton nor Trump if Sanders weren’t a candidate.

Over the course of the presidential race, Trump has angered the Republican Party by running a ‘personality campaign.’ He has won the support of millions of American voters by voicing the anti-establishment concerns of the little guy, despite personally being a billionaire with no political experience.

In what should be an eye-opener for the Clinton campaign, the former Secretary of State is so unpopular that any Republican candidate is expected to triumph over her in the fall general election.

As Slate suggested, Trump is expected to bring the Republican Party millions of new voters throughout the industrial Midwest.  Even so, he is still highly ranked as “unfavorable” across media polls.  

Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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