Ignorant Gym Employees Assume NFL Star Is Trying To Rob The Place

Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks was racially profiled by two employees who assumed he was trying to break into a gym that he was considering purchasing.

Football star Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks expressed his frustration on Twitter after being racially profiled at a gym in Redmond, Washington by two employees who called police to say he was trying to break into the establishment.


Chancellor detailed the incident, saying he stopped by to get information about the sports club which has recently gone out of business. He said he was considering purchasing the business. 

The two female employees spotted Chancellor and when he knocked on the door, they got frightened and called the police on him. Cops arrived shortly after receiving the call and recognized the professional athlete who has played for the Seahawks since 2010.


While Becky Range of the Redmond Police Department reportedly said the misunderstanding was taken care of cordially and Chancellor was very polite about the situation, Chancellor mentioned on Twitter that he was upset about being racially profiled and “waved off like a fly” without being acknowledged.


He made it very clear that stealing was the last thing on his mind: “Good thing the cops know I’m a good guy and stealing isn’t in my blood. I work for everything I get,” he wrote.


The two women probably felt very embarrassed by their mistake; however, hopefully this serves as a learning experience for them. Ignorance and unwarranted fear can influence many poor decisions.

A person who was trying to break into the gym probably wouldn’t have politely knocked on the door. They also probably wouldn’t have waited around for the cops to show up after watching the employees call 911. 

This incident holds up a mirror to the so-called “progressive” America we live in where people still allow fear based on stereotypes and prejudice to determine how they treat others.

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