Ignoring Photo Together, Nunes Says Trump And Papadopolous Never Met

The California congressman tried to make President Donald Trump seem innocent as he claimed that the president’s former foreign policy adviser never met him in person.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) wasn’t entirely honest during a recent interview when talking about President Donald Trump. Thankfully, the internet corrected him.

During a “Fox & Friends” interview, the California Republican tried to make George Papadopolous, Trump’s former foreign policy adviser and current FBI informant on the Russia probe, look unimportant. By saying that Papadopolous “never even had met with the president,” he seemed to make the point that whatever the former adviser told the FBI meant nothing as he wasn’t really inside the loop, so to speak.

Unfortunately for Nunes, Papadopolous has been essential to the FBI’s probe, as his drunken conversation with an Australian diplomat is what triggered officials to look into the alleged Russian effort to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

Regardless of what role Papadopolous played, the fact is that Nunes wasn’t truthful when he told Fox hosts and their viewers that the president and the former adviser never met. Thankfully, that was quickly fixed with a tweet.

Vox’s Matthew Yglesias shared an official Trump campaign photo on Twitter in which the president is seen with Papadopolous.

Users promptly reacted, with some saying they aren’t even surprised that Trump’s camp would lie so openly.

Still, despite Nunes’ effort to downplay Papadopolous’ influence, The Hill has reported on two occasions that the former adviser both edited foreign policy speeches for the president and even arranged meetings on his behalf with foreign leaders.

Still, it seems that the non-factual TV comment paid off in the end. After his interview on "Fox & Friends," Trump praised Nunes on Twitter, calling him a “great American hero.”

It’s not a surprise that the president would be so quick to praise someone for being untruthful.

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