Sean Spicer Ditches His Own Press Briefing

After John Kelly and Mick Mulvaney spoke to the press, Spicer ignored reporters, walking away from his own press briefing without answering a single question.

sean spicerSean Spicer, President Donald Trump's press secretary, seems to put himself in tight spots quite often, but never for simply vanishing — until now.

The gaffe-prone White House spokesperson decided on Tuesday he had had enough, leaving his own press briefing as stunned journalists cried his name in vain.

According to The Hill, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly had spoken to the media for about 40 minutes about the bipartisan budget agreement. As this unfolded, Spicer sat and observed from a sitting area designated for White House staff. But as soon as Kelly and Mulvaney left the podium, Spicer followed along, leaving the press in awe.

“Sean!” many cried — to no avail.



In Spicer's short career as White House press secretary he has already been harshly criticized for a series of past remarks and personal oddities, but nothing beats his own performance. During these past months, he has been made fun of for a series of mishaps, such as calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “ Joe,” getting Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbill's last name wrong, and even calling Adolf Hitler's concentration camps “Holocaust centers.”

But leaving his own briefing without addressing journalists is a new low. What will he do next, ask reporters to “talk to the hand?” Might as well!

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