IHOP Employee Prints N-Word On Black Teen’s Receipt

“I think that's really what made her mad. Of all the things you could call someone, you call them that.”



An African-American customer picked up a to-go order from an IHOP in Kansas City and was shocked to find the n-word printed on her receipt instead of her name.

The franchise took action when word spread on the social media and the photo of the bill was shared more than 400 times on the internet.

According to the Kansas Star City, a server at the breakfast chain, who was also an African-American, was soon fired after the inexcusable term was discovered on the receipt.

On April 13, 19-year-old Maya Thomas was left distraught when she saw the slur on the bill. She reached out to the management, who promptly acted by terminating the employee, claiming it was a “direct violation of their policy."

Predictably, the teenager’s mother was upset by the entire episode: “I think that's really what made her mad. Of all the things you could call someone, you call them that.”

She also went on to talk about how her “very timid and very shy” daughter was “too upset to talk about the incident.”

In an attempt to fixed the damage, IHOP issued Thomas a $10 gift certificate via mail few days later. However, Thomas’ mother wasn’t too pleased by the restaurant’s idea of compensation for an act that was downright offensive.

“And then the way you deal with it is by giving them 10 dollars?” she said.

IHOP President Darren Rebelez directly addressed the incident by releasing a statement:

“The action taken by the server at this restaurant is inexcusable. IHOP and its franchisees do not and will not tolerate racism, bigotry or harassment of any kind,” it read. “The franchisee, who owns and operates this restaurant, once made aware of the incident, terminated the employee in question and immediately contacted the guest to apologize. For 60 years, IHOP and our franchisees have strived to create a warm and hospitable dining experience for all guests, and we are currently working with the franchisee to ensure all possible steps are taken to deliver on that promise.”

A few weeks ago, an event of similar nature took place at the University of North Texas when an African-American student was identified as “N*****” in an on-campus restaurant. Just last month, Starbucks made national headlines when two black men were handcuffed and escorted away from the restaurant at the request of the employees for apparently no reason at all.

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