GOP Governor Chugs Chocolate Milk To Prove He Backs Racial Diversity

Rauner mixed a glass of milk, representing white people and chocolate syrup, representing various ethnicities, as a symbol of diversity in workplaces.



In an extremely bizarre stunt, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner drank chocolate milk as a nod to “diversity” during an event celebrating Black History Month.

Rauner was put on the spot by Hyatt Hotels Diversity and Inclusion Executive Tyronne Stoudemire, who made the Republican mix a hearty amount of chocolate syrup in a glass of milk and then drink it.

The cringe-worthy analogy was also the brainchild of Stoudemire, who seemingly has been using chocolate milk to represent workplace diversity for over 16 years.


“The glass of milk represents white men leading most organizations,” explained Stoudemire, who is African American. “This chocolate syrup represents diversity. When you look at most organizations, diversity sits at the bottom of the organization. You don’t get inclusion until you actually stir it up.”

The governor, who served as Stoudemire’s “assistant,” took a big sip of the chocolate milk and exclaimed “diversity!”

Stoudemire concluded his analogy saying, “diversity is the mix, and inclusion is making the mix work.”

When asked about Rauner’s efforts to promote diversity in Illinois, the executive declined to comment. However, he lauded the governor for being a good sport, saying “he could have said no.”

Following the incident, Rauner’s spokeswoman Rachel Bold issued a statement.

“This was the event moderator’s example of diversity that an audience of all ages could see and understand. It was one of two demonstrations at the event, both of which received ovations from the crowd,” she said.

However, Bold refused to comment whether the governor was embarrassed by the act.

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