94-Year-Old Fights City Officials To Keep ‘Impeach’ Trump Lawn Sign

“What else could I do? This is a serious thing. Our democracy is in danger,” said an elderly woman who went against her city over a giant anti-Trump sign.

A 94-year-old woman has become the talk of the town after she decided to fight  the city officials to keep a giant sign in her front yard protesting President Donald Trump.

Myra Becker of Elgin, Illinois, was reportedly told by the authorities the sign, which read “Impeach President Trump Now!” was too big and needed to be taken down.

Becker, who was a little too old to participate in political events to get her sentiments for the POTUS across, resorted to putting an unambiguous message in big and bold letters right in front of her house–and she said she wasn’t going to put it down without a fight.

"I can’t protest anymore and I’m not great on the walker for doing things. I could put a sign up is what I could do,” the elderly woman told the Chicago TV station.

Interestingly so, Becker, who is being hailed as a hero on the internet, bought a similar customized and oversize sign for her neighbor too.

The 94-year-old woman might have physical constraints but her mind appears as politically sharp as one might expect of anyone younger.

“What else could I do?" said Becker. "This is a serious thing. Our democracy is in danger.”

She claimed to be a lifelong Democrat and even admitted to have voted for Republicans in the past. However, her resentment for Trump was ill-concealed and she just wanted him impeached.

“I think the Republican Congress people are wimps,” she added.

A city inspector visited her house and warned her of a $50 fine if she refused to take it down.

“The city suddenly came out and said they have to go," said Carl Flaks, the neighbor Becker gave her second sign to.

According to Elgin spokesperson Molly Center, the woman was told to put her sign down because it was twice the size allowed under city code.

“She can replace the sign with exact same content as long as it is in the three square feet,” Center said.

Becker said she didn’t think about the size while ordering it, she just needed an outlet for expression. However, the 94-year-old wasn’t like the ones who would break the law.

“I have respect for the law and if that's the law, ok, I'll abide by it,” she said.

Becker didn’t waste any time and soon contacted the company to inquire if her message could be fit in a smaller sign.

However, not everyone in her neighborhood share Becker’s contempt for Trump.

“If you live in this country how can you be anti-president? The man has done wonders for this country in spite of half thinking he didn't,” a neighbor named Frank Shields told WGN.

The determination of the 94-year-old woman to protest in whatever means she could speaks volume about the president’s popularity in the country and how frustrated people are of him.

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