Immigrant Child Separated From Mother Lost His Ability To Walk

A six-year-old boy was separated from his mother at the U.S. border and forced to live with a foster family, who neglected his medical conditions.

After more than 2,300 families were separated due to a policy instituted by President Donald Trump, heartbreaking stories of the ordeal that parents and their children had to endure are coming forward.

One such story involves a child with osteoporosis, whose separation from his mother led to him being incapable of walking. The mother, who remains anonymous due to fears of retaliation from the U.S. government during her immigration proceedings, and her son, age 6, fled their home country of Guatemala, and are fearful for their lives if they’re forced to return there.

The boy was already in a lot of pain to begin with due to the trek. But following their forced separation, he was placed in foster care with another family who chose to ignore his medical condition for almost two months. The pain for him became so severe, according to the mother’s lawyer Laura Lunn, that he lost function in his legs.

“He said he was in so much pain that he couldn’t really walk,” Lunn said.

The mother and the son remain separated at this time.

Stories like these will become the legacy of the Trump administration. The president, being so entrenched in his belief that immigrants are like animals, is creating situations like these where children become the victims of his policies. What's more, Trump shows very little remorse for his actions.

We need to do better as a nation. We must reject Trump’s legacy, and create a new one, where we show more empathy toward those who are seeking asylum to our nation.

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