2014 Image Of Child Migrant Cells Shows Years Of Federal Neglect

Trump administration lost track of nearly 1,500 immigrant children only to later claim they were not “legally responsible” to know their whereabouts.


Earlier this month, the Trump administration announced the draconian measure that will prosecute members of immigrant families who enter the United States illegally — even if that means separating children from their parents.

The decision sparked outrage from immigrant lawyers and attorneys.

Amid the backlash, it was reported almost 1,500 unaccompanied migrant children, who were caught at the U.S. border, had gone missing with the government refusing to take any responsibility regarding the whereabouts of the minors.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to blame Democrats for the incompetence. Former GOP Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum even tried placing the blame on the children’s parents.

While some claimed the missing children were not separated from the border but arrived alone when the crossed into the United States. However, regardless of their status when they arrived, the government cannot back away from being responsible for minors that entered the U.S.

To make matters worse, a disturbing image of children in an ICE warehouse began circulating on social media. The image showed two minor girls in what seemed like a Juvenile prison camp with barely any facilities.


The picture, accompanied by several others was from a media tour by the Customs and Border Protection agency of an ICE holding facility in Arizona.

However, these images were not from 2018, they were instead taken at holding facilities in 2014, during an unprecedented surge in undocumented immigration in the Obama era, fact-checking cite Snopes discovered.

Despite the picture being old, it does not make the problem any less significant.

The images show children in guarded chained halls, with mattresses laid onto the floor. With nylon tarp, providing barely any privacy to the age and gender segregated sections, children used portable toilets.

No matter their immigration status, these are not hardened criminals; these are children, separated from their families nonetheless. Children, who are most likely, seeking asylum from tumultuous conditions in their homeland.

With the latest shift in immigration policies from Trump and his continuous demand of a great big border wall, no evidence suggests the ICE’s handling of immigrant children is going to get any better in Trump’s America.

The way these children were being kept, was not right during the Obama administration and it is certainly not right during the Trump administration where they are threatened to be separated from their families despite arriving with them at the border.

The image may be several years old but it sheds light on the immense (and growing) mishandling from ICE when dealing with undocumented minors, whether it was placing them in razor-wired cells or losing track of 1,500 minors without any fear of accountability.

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