Immigrants’ Rights Groups Used Taco Salads To Shame Pro-Trump Senators

Immigrant advocates sent taco salads to many officers of GOP lawmakers.

On Cinco de Mayo, Donald Trump infamously tweeted a photo of himself eating a taco bowl at Trump Tower, captioning the picture, “I love Hispanics!”

Considering Trump’s demagogic, incredibly offensive language toward Latinosin the past, the Latino community clearly did not take well to his comment, and some immigrants’ rights advocates are using the photo to make a point to pro-Trump politicians.

Three immigrants’ rights groups—the Latino Victory Project, United We Dream, and United Farm Workers—delivered taco salads to the offices of numerous GOP lawmakers, calling attention to the fact that under Trump’s policies, the workers responsible for farming the ingredients in the taco salads would be deported.

One of Trump’s only real policies he has outlined is building a wallbetween the U.S. and Mexico after deporting the 11 million undocumented immigrants found in the U.S.

According to ThinkProgress, up to 48 percent of workers in the agricultural industry are undocumented immigrants—that is essentially half of the entire industry. It would be an unbelievable blow to the U.S. economy if these workers were deported under Trump’s rule.

The immigrant advocates delivered the taco salads to offices such as Sen. Ted Cruz (although Cruz has not yet endorsed Trump), Sen. Pat Toomey, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Lynn Tramonte, deputy director of America's Voice, told ThinkProgress that, “Implicit in this action is who harvested the tomatoes and lettuce? Who shredded the lettuce? Who created the tortilla and deep fried it to create a salad and made it look nice? A lot of people involved in the process of preparing the food that Donald Trump is eating are immigrants."

The goal was to remind these lawmakers that their support of Trump will be remembered by immigrant advocates in the future—they cannot support such a horrifically racist leader with no future consequences.

Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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