In Attack On CBO, White House Reminds Us Why Spell Check Is Important

While going after the Congressional Budget Office for what they deemed inaccuracies in their report on the AHCA, the White House misspelled "inaccurately."

Graphs depicting the CBO report on American health insurance under AHCA.

There is no easier way to instantly deflate your own point than failing at the delivery.

In a Twitter video attacking the Congressional Budget Office for what they deem an inaccurate report on the impact of the American Health Care Act, the White House made an embarrassing spelling mistake that only made the CBO look better and the administration worse.

"CBO inaccurately estimates health coverage," the video, titled "The Congressional Budget Office's math does not add up," reads. However, someone clearly fell behind in the editing because the next time the word "inaccurately" appears it's spelled incorrectly:

“CBO innaccurately (sic) estimated 25 million would be covered under Obamacare."

Nothing inspires more faith in the people than their government making grade-school spelling errors because they didn't take the time to edit properly.

The video has since been removed from the White House Twitter account and replaced with a version that spell check would be proud of. Its intent remains the same to inspire distrust of the CBO's calculations and draw support for the AHCA — although now the source has taken a hard blow.

The Trump White House has made other embarrassing spelling mistakes, which are funny mainly because the administration gives us so little else worth enjoying. 

Of course, President Donald Trump himself is a stranger to the English language and is the big orange reason the world rolls its eyes so much.

However, as sad as this typo (or genuine inability to spell) is coming from America's leaders, it does not, nor will anything ever, hold a candle to "covfefe."

You can't spell check covfefe.

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