In Empowering New Campaign Ad, Little Girls March On Washington

The new female empowerment campaign by GoldiBlox puts little girls in the shoes of the women they admire most, reminding us that role modes come in all genders.

"Girls can't run the world until someone shows them how," reads the opening to a video by feminist toy and media company GoldiBlox.

It's the inspiration behind #BeLikeHer, a new campaign that focuses on the necessity of role models for young girls, and powerful women the next generation looks up to.

The video recreates the infamous Women's March on Washington, with fierce little girls raising signs and shouting for their rights. Next, the scene transitions to young girls dressed as inspiring female role models, showing how diversity in representation across professional fields is so critical to shaping an inclusive future. One little girl plays tennis as Serena Williams, another does math as NASA engineer Mary Jackson, and another is dressed as Princess Leia, paying tribute to women younger generations look up to. 

"#BeLikeHer is all about honoring the women and girls who push us all forward. We all have role models in life, now is our chance to shout out a handful of who have made us especially proud," GoldiBlox stated.

The campaign has already taken off, and both male and female Twitter users are taking the opportunity to share their personal female-identified role models. They come from books, politics, TV, sports, families, and beyond, showing that women can do anything, and little girls and boys are watching.






Banner and thumbnail credit: Pixabay user bones64 

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