In Latest Twitter Tantrum, Trump Attacks Media’s ‘Agenda Of Hate’

President Donald Trump took to Twitter early Tuesday to berate the 9th United States Circuit Court and accuse the mass media of having an "agenda of hate."

Another day and another tweetstorm from President Donald Trump's tiny Twitter fingers.

Early Tuesday, he jumped on the social network to unleash a tirade against the mass media’s coverage of his trainwreck of an administration and express outrage over the blocking of his travel ban.

What sparked the release of Trump’s wrath is the fact that the 9th United States Circuit Court unanimously upheld the decision to block his revised travel ban.

According to Time magazine, Trump’s S.C. abbreviation at the end of his tweet refers to the Supreme Court.

On Monday, the San Francisco-based panel comprised of three judges ruled that the revised ban violates U.S. immigration law by discriminating against people for their nationality without justification.

Ironically, the judges pointed to Trump’s own tweets to validate their ruling, including one from just last week in which the president said his travel ban was needed for “certain dangerous countries.”

We are all too familiar with Trump’s Twitter tantrums, so his rant against the ruling isn’t much of a shocker. However, his attack against the mass media — at least in this context — was rather unwarranted.

He accused the mainstream media of having an “agenda of hate,” which is incredibly hypocritical, considering he's literally handing jobs over to hate group leaders

He didn’t cite any specific outlet or story to back up his attack against the so-called "fake news media,” but he rarely offers any concrete evidence to support his irrational outbursts.

In any case, Trump needs to learn to respect the democratic process. Checks and balances exist for a reason, and every president before him has faced pushback on policies far less unjust than this racist travel ban.

So, Trump, you’re just going to have to suck it up — and invest in a diary because these Twitter rants are getting old.  

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