Video Shows Black Man Screaming In Agony As K-9 Mangles His Arm

“You guys have three versus one and you can't get the dog off?” a bystander asked the police.

Warning: Graphic content

In yet another example of police incompetence, cops in San Diego, California, were unable to get a K-9 to let go of a man’s arm.

A video, shared by Facebook user Angel Nunez, showed three police officers struggling with the canine, which kept aggressively biting and shaking a suspect in handcuffs as he lay prone on the ground.

The incident occurred when the San Diego police received multiple reports of a man behaving erratically at a street near Sixth Avenue on a Sunday afternoon. When the police arrived on site, a witness told them the man kept jumping in and out of traffic, leaping onto cars, trying to pull the traffic signs from the ground and demanding passersby to fight with him.

He reportedly also punched a cab driver and tried to steal a motorcycle.

When the officers came toward him, he threatened to fight with them. The cops repeatedly told the man to stop or they would be forced to unleash their dog upon him.

The video shows the moment a shirtless man is lying in the middle of the street with a K-9 latched onto his arm. The man is screaming in pain and jerking his body as the dog ravages his arms.

When the dog first crunches on the man’s arm, the suspect can be heard saying, “OK! OK! OK!” But when the dog tightens its hold, the man started screaming, “Uncomfortable!”

In just a few seconds, blood starts oozing from the suspect’s arm. One of the officers tries to pull away the dog but is completely unsuccessful. The man screams in agony again as the cop’s action only succeeds in the dog dragging the man’s arm away from his body and bringing him more pain.

In the background, bystanders can be heard criticizing the police on their nonexistent control of their dog.

“You have no control of your dog whatsoever? Are you kidding me?” a witness said.

“You guys have three versus one and you can't get the dog off?” another said.

The officer yelled at the bystanders to get back, then finally was able to unclamp the dogs jaw form the man’s arm.

“My own dog is better trained than that one,” said one man who was apparently walking with his dog.

San Diego police Lt. Scott Wahl defended the officers, stating the cops and dog did what they were supposed to do.

“While these videos can be graphic in nature to view, keep in mind our canines are extremely effective at deescalating situations and preventing elevated levels of force to take people into custody,” he said.

Police dogs are trained to bite and hold, rather than repeatedly bite a person which can cause more damage, said the police lieutenant. They are also not trained to release the suspect on verbal command (extremely weird and dangerous); instead officers are supposed to put controlled pressure on their jaws to make them release a person and they do it only when the suspect is in handcuffs.

The police department also said K-9 bites are rare. In 2017, the department had responded to more than 8,200 calls for service where bites only occurred during 18 of those.

However, that’s little comfort to the suspect whose arm looked completely mauled.

What’s worse iss that the suspect did not even appear to resist and was in handcuffs.

The mishandling of the suspect also caused quite a stir on social media.

“No matter what this man has done, he’s on the ground, he’s cuffed and under control especially with two more cops coming in to hold his legs,” one man said.

“As people have previously commented, the dog would have been shot had it been someone’s pet so why the double standards?” another said.


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