Shoes Get Stuck To Melting Roads As Temperatures Rise In India

The deadly heat wave in India is actually stopping people in their tracks. Several pedestrians were caught on camera losing their shoes to melting roads.

Remember the deadly heat wave in India that caused roads to melt? It's back and it’s worse.

Almost a week since the South Asian country recorded its highest ever temperature, 51°C (123.8°F), footage emerged from Valsad, Gujarat, showing pedestrians struggling to cross a busy road as their footwear gets glued to the melting tar.

While one man left his shoe behind to avoid collision with a car, a woman fell over when her foot stuck to the road.

Temperatures that day reportedly hit 36°C (97°F).

Along with the hot weather, India is also going through a severe drought, which affects at least 330 million people.

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Unfortunately, the heat wave ordeal ends with monsoon season, which normally begins mid-June. However, relief could be delayed this time around as weather forecasters seem confused when the rains will arrive.

"There are usually thunderstorms this time of year, but these rains have not been occurring," said B.P. Yadav, head of the national weather forecasting center of the India Meteorological Department.

"Hot winds have been blowing in from Afghanistan and Pakistan, leading to these extreme temperatures."

Last year, more than a thousand people died due to the blistering heat, mainly from dehydration. By unofficial counts, the figures were more than 2,000. This year, nearly 300 people have died so far.

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