Indian Mob Lynches Muslim Man Accused Of Cow Smuggling

In yet another case of mob lynching in India, a Muslim man was beaten to death by angry “cow vigilantes,” after they accused him of smuggling cows for slaughter.



In another case of disturbingly increasing mob lynching in India, a Muslim man was beaten to death after he was accused of smuggling cows for slaughter.

Akbar Khan, referred to as Rakbar Khan by the Times of India, was intercepted by a crowd of “cow vigilantes” along with another man in the northwestern Rajasthan village of Alwar, according to police officials.

Police officer Mohan Singh said the mob followed the two men by foot while they were herding cows. The other man was successful in escaping as the mob started beating the two with sticks. Khan was grievously injured and announced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

However, according to the Times of India, the mob beating of Khan took place around midnight but he was brought to the hospital, Community Health Center (CHC) at four a.m., while the distance from the attack site was only six kilometers.

Reports alleged the police officers’ first priority was to drop the cows off to a shelter rather than taking a critically injured victim for medical treatment. The cow shelter, “gaushala,” was allegedly 10 kilometers away from the attack site. The police, after dropping off the cows, reached at the nearest health center a good three hours after the attack. By that time, Khan had bled out and was declared dead.

The police officials refute the claims of criminal negligence, saying they brought Khan to the hospital immediately.

However, the statement from the on-duty doctor at the CHC contradicts the police officials’ claims. “They (police) brought him at 4am and as he was brought dead, I directed that the body be shifted to the mortuary,” said Hasan Ali, the doctor at the CHC.

According to Rajasthan's police inspector general Hemant Priyadarshi, two suspects have been arrested after questioning.

"Both of them were caught from the crime scene ... [But] We are still trying to identify all others involved in this late night crime," Priyadarshi said. "Before dying, the victim told us that the attackers accused him of being a cattle smuggler."

Vasundhara Raje, Rajasthan's chief minister, condemned the horrific attack on Twitter.



However, this was not an isolated case of mob lynching because of cow slaughter.

In April 2017, a Muslim man, Pehlu Khan, from the same Rajasthani village of Alwar, was lynched by right-wing Hindus after being accused of smuggling cows.

Cows are considered sacred in Hinduism. Many states, including Rajasthan, have banned cow slaughter, with the punishments leading to life imprisonment in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat.

Judiciary officials in India have condemned the blatant disregard for law and order and brutal killings in the name of religion.

"Horrendous acts of mobocracy cannot be allowed to become a new norm," a three-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra, said. "It has to be curbed with an iron hand ... No citizen can take law into his hands or become a law unto himself."

Mob lynching in India has become a litigious issue.

A few days prior, Mohammad Azam, along with three of his friends including Qatari national Salham Eidal Kubaisi, Noor Mohammed and Mohammed Salam, was attacked by a 2,000 strong mob sparked by false Whatsapp messages that accused them of child abductions.

As a result of the brutal beating by the mob, Azam lost his life and his friends were seriously injured.

The fake messages that resulted in a series of horrific mob lynching, have taken at least nine lives in India.

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