Man Rapes Woman In Broad Daylight On A Busy Pavement As People Look On

The woman was reportedly sleeping under a tree on the pavement when the man forced himself on her. And instead of intervening, people looked on and recorded her.

sexual violence

Despite global uproar caused by the December 2012 gang rape in New Delhi and ensuing anti-rape laws, nothing has changed in India when it comes to sexual violence against women.

Nothing at all.

On Oct. 2, a woman was raped in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, in broad daylight and in full public view. Bystanders looked on and many ignored as a man forced himself on her on a pavement.

At least one onlooker, a rickshaw driver, recorded the heinous crime and reportedly sent it to the police using Whatsapp.

The rapist seen in the video has been arrested and identified as Ganji Siva.

Local media reports the 25-year-old rape survivor, who was mentally-ill, had left home after a fight with her family. Since she had not eaten for several hours, she was too weak to even shout out for help. She was sleeping under a tree when she was attacked.

The police say the alleged rapist was drunk when he committed the crime and this information has led to many to ask why no one tried to stop him when he could have been easily restrained in that state.

Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission also stated the spectators were as guilty as the attacker.

Three days after the assault, the rickshaw driver who recorded the video was taken into custody for interrogation.


Thumbnail Credits: REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee

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