India Records Its Hottest Temperature Ever Amid Heat Wave

It's unbelievable that India saw this number on it thermometers.

For those who remember, 2015’s summer in India caused roads to melt. By official counts, more than a thousand people died, mainly from dehydration during the searing heat wave. By unofficial counts, the figures were more than 2,000.

This year, things could get worse as the country recorded its highest temperature ever of 51°C (nearly 124°F) — the hottest ever, breaking a record of 50.6°C recorded in 1956.

"Yesterday [Thursday] was the hottest temperature ever recorded in the country... 51°C in Phalodi," BP Yadav, a director of India’s weather office, told AFP news agency.

School schedules in several areas have been changed due to the severe climatic conditions. Also, in April, the state of Bihar banned daytime cooking in order to prevent accidental fires, intensified by hot and dry weather. 

Nearly 300 people have died in India during this year’s heat wave.

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Along with the hot weather, problems have been doubled due to a severe drought, which reportedly affects at least 330 million people.

However, it’s not just India. Temperatures are rising across the planet. In the third week of May, Earth's record heat streak hit a record 12 months, (no) thanks to global warming.

As per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's monthly climate calculation, Earth's average temperature in April was 56.7°F (13.7°C), the warmest April on record for the globe.

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