Indian Woman Kills Husband, Then Tries To ‘Swap’ Him With Male Lover

The plan was to pass off the male lover as the woman’s dead husband, but a bowl of mutton soup exposed the sinister plot.



In a murder plot inspired by an Indian crime thriller, a woman in Hyderabad, India, outlined and almost executed a sinister scheme to replace her male lover with her husband, whom she had already murdered.

According to the reports, Swati Reddy, a 27-year-old nurse at a private hospital, was married to a 32-year-old man named Sudhakar Reddy and even had a child with him. However, she fell for a physiotherapist, identified as Rajesh Ajjakolu, at her hospital and the two concocted a plant to get rid of the husband.

The two lovers reportedly injected anesthesia into Sudhakar’s body while he was sleeping and then hit him on the head until he died. They allegedly dumped and burned his body in the woods — and police have still not been able to find the remains.

In order to evade suspicion, Reddy and Ajjakolu staged an acid attack. The woman threw acid on the man’s face to deform his features and informed her late husband’s parents that their son had been injured.

They somehow managed to fool Sudhakar’s family for a while and tricked them into paying for Ajjakolu’s facial surgery. The plan was to pass off Ajjakolu as Sudhakar, but it all came tumbling down when the physiotherapist refused to eat a bowl of mutton soup served to burn patients at the hospital, claiming he was vegetarian.

Since Sudhakar was not a vegetarian, his brother grew suspicious about his behavior and began asking the imposter about other family members and relatives. When the family started asking questions Ajjakolu did not know the answer to, he allegedly pretended to be mute and started conversing with signs.

The late husband’s family soon informed the police and basic forensic tests revealed the patient’s identity. Reddy then confessed to killing her husband with the help of her lover.

The cops later detained her, while her accomplice will be arrested once he is discharged from the hospital.

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