3 Teenage Girls Raped And Burned Alive In India In Just A Week

In a shocking series of events, three Indian teenage girls were brutally raped and burned alive within a week’s time.


Rape is sadly very common in India being the fourth most common crime against women in the country.

In a disturbing display of sexual violence and torture, three Indian girls were raped and burned alive – all in a span of just seven days.

The latest teenager who was raped was also burned to death by her rapists. The 16-year-old was reportedly home alone in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh state, when two men raped her. One of them was reportedly her cousin. Not only did they sexually assault the girl, they even brutally burned her to death with petrol after she threatened to inform her family about the horrific incident.

“We arrested the two defendants, one of whom is the cousin of the girl who informed the main suspect that she was alone in the house,” said Sagar district police Chief Satyendra Kumar Shukla.

“The main accused is married and has one child,” he mentioned.

This attack was the latest brutal sexual crime encountered by a teenager in the country. Last week, a group of men raped another 16-year-old girl while she was attending a wedding in a village of Jharkhand state. They didn’t kill her at that time. The girl informed her parents, who informed the village elders about the brutal attack.

The villagers ordered the accused rapists to do 100 sit-ups and pay a fine of 50,000 rupees ($744) as punishment. The ferocious rapists got so angry, they beat up the victim’s parents and later burned her alive.

"The two accused thrashed the parents and rushed to the house where they set the girl ablaze with the help of their accomplices," Ashok Ram, the officer in charge of the local police station, told AFP news agency.

Indian police has so far arrested around 14 people suspected of the killing.

Days later, another horror story unfolded in the Jharkhand state, after a 17-year-old girl was raped and set on fire. She is still breathing but is in a critical condition as 95 percent of her body is burned.

The attacker drenched her body in kerosene before setting her on fire.  "The accused told us that he wanted to marry the victim but she wasn't ready," police officer Shailendra Barnwal said. The police added he attacked her while she was in her relative's house in a village in Pakur district.

After hearing the girl scream, the neighbors reportedly rushed back and took the victim to the hospital.

These brutal sex crimes have drawn wide spread criticism and condemnation across the India and internationally. After facing intense outrage in April, India introduced the death penalty for people found guilty of raping children who were under 12-years-old.


In 2016 alone, some 40,000 rape cases were reported across India. Authorities believe the number might be higher but many more victims, after facing such atrocities, chose to stay silent. 


Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Danish Ismail

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