The Shocking Moment A Groom Gets Shot In The Head

Celebrating a wedding by firing guns into the air puts a newlywed in mortal danger. WARNING: Some viewers may find the footage disturbing.

As with any joyous wedding celebration, footage from a wedding in Hisar, north of New Delhi in India, shows guests dancing, with music and cheers — and firing guns into the air. And that's where things went terribly wrong.

Before you know it the groom gets hit in the head with a wayward bullet. Chaos breaks loose — people scream, scramble and rush to help the groom.

Fortunately, the groom is said to have survived, albeit seriously injured. Aerial firing is against the law in some part of India but is so embedded in cultural norms that the law goes largely ignored.

Just weeks before, a 3-year-old girl was killed at a similar event in the state of Bihar.

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Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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