Racist Teens Beat Up Man In Australia, Call Him ‘Bloody, Black Indian’

“They were angry at the McDonald's staff but turned their anger on me in the car park and then inside the store,” Li Max Joy said of his alleged attackers.

An Indian man was viciously assaulted and racially abused by a group of teenagers at a McDonald’s restaurant in Hobart City, Australia.

Li Max Joy, who hails from the Indian state of Kerala and is pursuing a nursing course while working as a part-time driver, accused five young people, including a girl, of hurling racial slurs like “you bloody, black Indian” at him and later beating him up at the fast food joint.

The 33-year-old man said the incident took place during the weekend when he entered the restaurant to grab a cup of coffee after returning from a trip. Joy alleged that the five teenagers were arguing with a McDonald’s employee inside the shop but when he entered, immediately turned their attention to him, for no apparent reason. According to the man, they started hurling racial abuse at him, but when others in the restaurant called the police, they left.

However, when he exited the building, the attackers returned and physically assaulted him in the parking lot of the restaurant.

“They were angry at the McDonald's staff but turned their anger on me in the car park and then inside the store,” Joy said.

He was taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital with bleeding facial wounds and X-rays and a CAT scan were carried out to see if he suffered internal trauma. After he was discharged, Joy reported the incident to the police but he claims there was no “serious effort” by the police to bring the attackers to justice.


Joy, who has been living in Hobart for eight years, stated “the racial mood [in Australia] is definitely changing. It is continuous now. Many other drivers have been abused but not everyone reports it to the police.”

The man has sought the help of External Affairs Ministry to ensure the accused are punished.

Just a few days prior to the incident, an Indian Catholic priest, the Rev. Tomy Kalathoor Mathew, was stabbed in the neck in Fawkner, Australia, by a man who said he was ineligible to perform mass since he was Indian.

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