Indian Boy Accidentally Hangs Himself While Taking 'Suicide' Selfie

Although selfies have caused tragedies in many countries across the world, India had the most selfie-related deaths in 2016.

A selfie is quick, you only look into the front camera, smile and click. But it's also a consuming task — you have to adjust your pose, finding the most flattering angle, and this can temporarily distract you from the stimuli in your environment.

That is exactly what seems to have happened to a teenager from India.

In the Udupi district in Karnataka, a boy was reportedly trying to enact a suicide scene. He has a noose tied around his neck and was standing on a chair. As the boy tried to take a selfie, the chair slipped from beneath his feet, and the noose tightened around his neck.

The boy's family rushed him to the hospital, and he is in stable condition.

Although many people in all countries seem to have a dangerous relationship with selfies, India had the most selfie-related deaths in 2016. It was reported that of the 127 reported selfie deaths from March 2014 to September,"a whopping 76 deaths occurred in India alone."

In the city of Mumbai, authorities had to impose no-selfie zones in February to discourage people from the activity.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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