The First Indian Couple To Reach Mt Everest's Peak Probably Faked It

A married couple from India who claimed they reached the top of Mount Everest are being probed by skeptics for distorting their photos.

Two police constables from Pune, India, have been accused of lying about their ascent to the top of Mount Everest, Guardian reports.

Husband and wife Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod posted photographs on Facebook of themselves at the peak on May 23, which led them to receive much publicity from national press as the first Indian couple to climb the mountain.

Their fifteen minutes of fame turned sour when eight other mountaineers came forward complaining that it is impossible that the Rathods made it to the summit, according to Anjali Kulkarni in an interview with Mid Day.

Accusations of “morphing” the photos have been lodged against them, along with explanations that they left too late in the climbing season to have reached the top.

couple fake everest climb

Kulkarni noted that the Facebook photos show that the Rathods had changed into different clothes and boots, which would have been highly impossible to do without getting frostbitten. Kulkarni said, “Both seem to have changed their climbing boots, too, in separate pictures. Being able to change one’s clothes mid-climb and not get frostbitten would be a miracle.”

indian couple mount everest

Moreover, the Rathods claimed to have reached the peak at 6:25am, around when the picture of Rathod holding his nation’s flag would have been taken. Skeptics say that the way the shadow is falling from the Indian flag looks more like the photo was taken around noon, not early in the morning.

indian fake everest climb

While the couple enjoyed being record holders for three weeks, it appears that they might lose their title and are now under public scrutiny for it.

Photo credit: Facebook, latiendadejm

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