Indian City Of Chennai Experienced The Worst Cyclone In Two Years

“(At least) 16 lives have been lost due to the cyclone. The cyclone uprooted more than 12,000 trees, disrupting traffic in the entire city and its suburbs,” said Tamil Nadu’s chief minister.

Tropical cyclone Vardah, the most terrifying storm in over two years, hit the Bay of Bengal this week, leading to massive damage to Indian states, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

The hurricane uprooted dozens of trees, overturned cars and buses and resulted in extensive damage to the city of Chennai’s infrastructure.

The Indian Meteorological Department issued heavy rain warnings for the south of India and fishermen have been warned not to take their boats out to the sea.

A number of rehabilitation and relief centers have been set up by the state but Tamil Nadu’s chief minter O. Panneerselvam believes they are still inadequate. The CM has requested that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urgently sanction $148 million to help with the relief and rebuilding efforts.

A day after the cyclone tore through the city, power was restored to most and areas and fallen trees that blocked the roads were moved. People injured by falling objects also received immediate medical treatment.

Airline services resumed but train services remained canceled and only half the buses in the cities became operational.

At least 16 people have been killed because of the cyclone, while more than 15,000 people from low lying areas were evacuated to relief camps.

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