Man's Wife Couldn't Go On Honeymoon, So He Took Her Picture Instead

A newly married Indian photographer went on his Italian honeymoon without his wife and took a hilarious selfie of his desolation on the trip.

A planned honeymoon after getting married is supposed to be a relaxing and stress free time for newlyweds.

For one newlywed couple, their honeymoon was spent apart after a passport was lost prior to the trip.

Faizan Patel traveled to Italy for two weeks without his new wife Sana after she lost her passport just two days before the trip, CNN reported.

He went on the Italian vacation without her, and tweeted a hilarious photo on the airplane next to an empty seat and a headshot photo of Sana.

“This is how I am travelling [sic] with my wife as of now,” he said on Twitter.

Sushma Swaraj, India’s Minister of External Affairs, caught a glimpse of Faizan’s viral tweet and informed him that if his wife contacted her, Sana would receive a duplicate passport.

Although Sana would have her passport in time to make it to her honeymoon with her husband, unfortunately, her visa wouldn’t arrive in time.

Faizan and Sana got married last December and scheduled the honeymoon for this year.

“This trip was entirely planned by her,” Faizan said. “I wish to see her next to me soon.”

Despite Faizan’s disappointment that his wife was unable to attend their honeymoon, at least he made light of the situation on social media. 

Banner Image Credit: CNN International, Twitter

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