Unable To Afford An Ambulance, Leper Carries Dead Wife For Miles

People who saw the man initially thought he was begging for money, until they realized he was carrying his wife’s dead body back to her village.

A 53-year-old man from India made international headlines after a harrowing video of him crying in desperation near a railway station in Hyderabad surfaced online.

The man, identified only as Ramulu, was trying to take his dead wife back to their hometown so she could have a proper burial. Unfortunately, the lack of funds prevented him from being able to afford an ambulance for the journey. With no other option available, he decided to transport the body back on his own and people saw him reduced to tears after he got lost along the way.

Ramulu, who suffers from leprosy, used the same cart he used for moving from place to place begging and placed his wife, Kavitha in it, dragging her behind him. When he collapsed from exhaustion and desperation along the way, passersby thought he was begging for money, before they realized the actual situation.

Fortunately, some kind people got together and paid for the ambulance so he and his wife’s body could reach their village which was around 50 miles away.

“As he did not have any money with him to hire any vehicle, Ramulu put Kavitha's body on a pushcart and walked all along till Vikarabad,” said a policeman.

A similar heart-breaking incident from earlier this year showed an Indian man carry his dead wife’s body for 12 km back to his village. The hospital where she died allegedly denied providing him an ambulance since he couldn’t afford the service.

The hospital authorities, however, denied the claims and said that Dana Majhi, the husband took his wife’s body away without informing the staff.

Whatever the reason may have been, no one should have to live through the horrible experience of carrying a loved one’s dead body around — even if they cannot afford an ambulance or the last rites. 

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