Man Apologizes To Girlfriend With Hundreds Of ‘I Am Sorry’ Banners

A man put up more than 300 banners apologizing to his girlfriend near Pune, India. The 25-year-old had upset his girlfriend and wanted to make amends.

A man near Pune, India, has hung at least 300 banners with the words “Shivde, I am orry!!” printed on them. Nilesh Khedekar had apparently upset his girlfriend.

Khedekar spent more than 72,000 Indian rupee — or $1,032 — on the banners in hopes that his girlfriend would forgive him. The apologies all included a big red heart after the message, and the banners covered multiple signs in parts of the Pimple Saudagar area in Pimpri Chinchwad, a route which it is believed Shivde was likely to take.

The local authorities were not amused by the banners put up around the city on Friday and have charged Khedekar for defacing signs with illegal banners. The Wakad Police began an investigation into the matter on Friday morning once they first learned of the banners.

It is not yet clear if the banners were as effective in getting the sought-after attention from Khedekar’s girlfriend as they were from the police, and no other information was reported as to what Khedekar had done to upset the woman. 

It would be quite a shame if Shivde was unimpressed by the display as Khedekar’s extreme efforts would be in vain. However, his attempt to win her affections was creative, albeit a bit unwise considering law enforcement’s involvement in the matter.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

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