How To Avoid Rape? Stay Home Like Parked Cars, Says Indian Politician

The politician compared marrying women to buying a vehicle, and suggested that they should be kept "parked" at home like cars to avoid "accidents."

We can now add Indian politician Kodela Shiva Prasad to the list of sexist, misogynist people in the world, thanks to his absurd tips on how to avoid rape.

A Telegu Desam Party member of legislative assembly, Prasad has landed himself in hot water after he compared women and rape to cars and accidents. He suggested that rape wouldn’t take place, if women stayed at home like cars are parked in a garage.

“When you buy a vehicle like a car, if you keep it parked in garage, then accidents can be avoided, right? But when it’s taken out on roads, accidents are likely to happen,” Prasad said.

Ironically, he said all these outrageous things while speaking at a press conference before the National Women’s Parliament in Amravati. Prasad, who despite his above comments thought he hadn’t made his message clear enough, later added: “When they go out, they get exposed to eve-teasing, harassment, kidnap and rape. If they choose to stay at home, these things get averted.”

Upon realizing that his comments were likely to get him into trouble with thousands of people, Prasad decided to cover up for his shameful remarks.

“I do not mean that they need to be kept at home so that they are safe. They should be educated, should be made to work and they should be given the freedom to earn, but their protection should also be taken care of,” he said. Evidently, his statement is absolutely incoherent and on a different note to his previous comments, making it clear that it was just an attempt to cover up for his stupid remarks. 

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