Thugs In India Allegedly Hack Muslim Man To Death In Broad Daylight

Ghastly CCTV footage shows a mob of 11 people brutally lynching a man with swords and sticks.

(Warning Graphic Video)



In India, the so-called world’s largest democracy, a group of eleven men were caught on CCTV footage, brutally lynching a man in the streets of Dhule, Maharashtra state.

The ghastly video shows the men dragging the victim, out of a shop and hitting him repeatedly with their weapons, which included swords, choppers and rods in broad day light.

According to Dhule police, the deceased identified as Rafiuddin Shaikh, was a notorious gangster who reportedly had 30 cases of rape, murder and blackmail against him. 

Naveed Pathan or as identified by India media and police as Rafiuddin was reportedly shot inside the shop where he stopped to have tea by the group of men who then dragged him out and kept attacking him until he lost consciousness. The gang then left his body on the spot and escaped. 

"We have launched a manhunt for the accused, who are all hardened criminals. We have formed multiple police teams to track them down. A gang comprising members of two families are suspected to be involved in the attack, the Goyar family and the Devare family. Both are considered equally notorious in Dhule, and most of the gang members have at least seven or eight cases against them," said Anil Vadnere, Police Inspector of Dhule City Police Station.

"The deceased, Shafiuddin, was out on bail and has several cases pending against him of extortion, attempt to murder, rape and murder in several districts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. We suspect he was caught in rivalry with the gang that attacked him," Vadnere added.

However, people on social media have identified the victim of this outrageous inhumane act as a Muslim body builder who might have been sacrificed because of his faith. According to a Dubai based journalist, the victim was a Muslim body builder, namely, Naveed Pathan.


Other shared their views on how Naveed Pathan killed in India, might have been an act of religious extremism in the country.






Although bodybuilder Naveed’s identity is not in line with the identification of the man given by the Indian police, the fact that killing people over religious extremism in India isn’t new is very pertinent.

In 2015, 51-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq was kicked and beaten to death while his 22-year-old son was seriously injured by a mob after the family was suspected of eating beef.

Banner/thumbnail credit:  Reuters, Amit Dave

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