Girl Power Is These Schoolgirls Pulling A Broken Bus Up A Mountain

Next time someone uses the tired phrase "like a girl," just show them this image of awesome Indian schoolgirls who took their rescue into their own hands.


Students from Waikhom Mani Girls College in Manipur, India, were on their way back from a school trip when their bus got stuck in mud and wouldn't start, leaving them stranded on a treacherously steep and narrow hillside. With help difficult to come by, they did what anyone who wanted to get home would do: They rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

The girls formed a human chain and, using a giant rope, began pulling the heavy bus up the hill and out of the mud. People on the internet are applauding their tenacity and sharing the image of their teamwork as an example of girl power.




It should go without saying that women are incredibly capable, certainly just as much as men. However, sexism and misogyny are very much in power, and so the seemingly obvious can never be taken for granted.

Images of girls and women accomplishing things that we wouldn't blink twice at if they were of boys and men are important because they show that the only things of significance separating the genders are stereotypes and ignorance.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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