Indian Soldiers Drag Body Of Kashmiri Youth After Killing Him

"We don't physically touch the body. A rope is tied to the feet and it is dragged. Sometimes, they can be alive also,” said a senior Indian army officer.


A disturbing picture doing the rounds on Kashmiri social media shows a group of Indian army officers dragging a Kashmiri youth’s body from the ropes. His body was bleeding and half naked.

The barbarians had covered the unnamed youth’s face because the body was apparently being dragged faced down. The distressing picture also shows his feet tied with chains. The youth was dead. And this is how his dead body was being treated by the officials.

Naturally, this disgusting display of brutality outraged people inside and outside Indian-administered Kashmir. Many activists have called the act “barbaric.”

On Sept. 13, Indian army killed three Kashmiri youths in the Kakriyal forests in the Reasi area of Jammu after a seven-hour gun battle.

Soon after the gun battle came to an end, Indian soldiers were pictured dragging the dead body of one of the slain militants.  Activists condemned the barbaric action conducted by Indian soldiers as a clear violation of international humanitarian law. 

"Even the dead have no respect in Kashmir," lamented a 35-year-old local, Mubashir Naseer. "When these things come in the media, it creates deep hatred. It does not change anything. It only exposes how the army is acting in Kashmir.”

However, for the monstrous Indian army officers, this grotesque act was part of a “normal operating procedure.”

"I don't know why should it create a discussion. You have to see for what cause the person came for. This should be done to him," a senior Indian army officer who wanted to stay anonymous told Al Jazeera.

The officer said dragging corpses of Kashmiri’s after gun battles was part of a "normal operating procedure." It was a "safety measure" because apparently the dead bodies could be carrying explosives.

"We don't physically touch the body. A rope is tied to the feet and it is dragged. Sometimes, they can be alive also. There could be booby traps, explosives and grenades tied to the body, which has had happened many a times," he said.

No explosives were blown after the corpse was dragged all the way to the ambulance.

South Asia director at U.S.-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), also condemned this sickening act. “Indian army should order immediate inquiry into disgraceful action by soldiers in Kashmir who, apparently fearing rigged explosives, dragged the body of a slain militant with a rope. Shows poor training and utter failure to respect rights,” Meenakshi Ganguly wrote on Twitter.

Not only does this show a lack of training, it also shows a lack of humanity on part of the Indian soldiers.

However, such acts of brutality are not new in the embattled region. Last year, a disturbing video showed a man, identified as a shawl weaver named Farooq Ahmad Dar, tied to the bumper of a military jeep, purportedly being used as a "human shield" by Indian soldiers.

The land of Kashmir is claimed by both nuclear-armed India and Pakistan. The two nuclear powers have been fighting over the area since both the countries gained independence in 1947.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Getty Images, Masrat Jan, NurPhoto

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