Indian Woman Gang Raped For Second Time In 3 Years By Same Men

Rape is the fastest growing crime in India, up by 875% in the last four decades.

Impossible and sad as it may sound, a student in Haryana, India, has been gang raped for a second time in three years by the same five men.

The victim, daughter of a poor bedmaker, was first assaulted in 2013. The assailants threatened her family, who were forced to shift to another town called Rohtak.

But it didn’t end there. Last week the 21-year-old university student was abducted at her institute and raped by the same people who raped her three years ago.

She was left to die in some bushes, unconscious with her clothes torn. Luckily, a passerby spotted her and took her to the hospital.

The victim lodged a complaint against the culprits- 5 young men identified as Anil alias Bittu, Raju alias Jagmohan, Sandeep Singh, Mausam Kumar and Aakash.

However, there have been no arrests so far.

According to the victim’s brother, two of the five accused were arrested in 2013, but they were released on bail.

"We had filed a case in court for the arrest of the remaining three and re-arrest of the two on bail. We were getting constant threats from the accused for an out-of-court settlement, but we remained firm," he said.

"This is very unfortunate. The accused were known to all. But police could not arrest them. The survivor did not get security," said R K Ranga, Haryana president of All India Scheduled Class Employees Federation.

Since the 2012 Delhi gang rape, there have been laws in place. However, effective implementation of these laws is something else entirely.

The majority of rape cases still go unreported.

In India a women is reportedly raped every 15 minutes.

In March 2016, Sarita, an 18-year-old girl raped by her father on and off for four years, had to record him raping her in Uttar Pradesh, India, so that people would believe her.

“I always went mad when my daughter complained about her father. I thought she was making up stories about him,” recalled her mother. “But the truth has left me shattered. I am still shocked to believe a father could do this to his own daughter. But now my daughter has all my support and I regret not believing her sooner.”

India has been labeled as one of the most dangerous countries for women. Keeping in mind the fact that in countries like India, the cultural stigma keeps many victims from reporting the crime, the increased number of reported sexual crimes over the past 40 years is drastic as well as disturbing.  

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