One-Year-Old Is Left With A Bloodied Face After Daycare Beating

The daycare owner insisted the injuries were caused by a 2-year-old girl. A police investigation is on-going.

A mother in Indiana was left shocked and outraged after she went to collect her 1-year-old from a local daycare only to find him bloody and battered.

Tiffany Griffin said Jesse was screaming when she was came to pick him up, after receiving a call from the daycare mere hours after dropping him. The sight that followed infuriated the mother.

Jesse’s face was swollen and bloodied, with injuries so severe he had to be taken to a hospital.

"Now I gotta be a stay at home mom and not do the thing I want to do to advance in life to give them the best in order to make sure they're taken care of and not neglected," Griffin said after Jesse was taken to the hospital.

Indiana Police spokesman, Aaron Hamer, said the police are looking into the matter but no arrests have been made yet.

Haben Ghebremichael, the daycare owner, insisted Jesse’s injuries were a result of a scuffle between him and a 2-year-old girl.

Griffin refused to believe so. She said it looked like her child had been beaten by an adult. The child, that Ghebremichael claimed hit Jesse, had blood all over her face. The daycare owner aslo said the staff separated the two schildren immediately but the damange had been done by then.

The mother said her child could not cause injuries of that extent after looking at Jesse’s battered face.

Ever since the incident, daycare has been closed and the owner is not sure when they will re-open.

“We are deeply saddened about what took place yesterday afternoon to Jesse. We at Kiddiegarden pride ourselves on not only providing quality service to families, but also providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for all of our children since we opened our doors three years ago," she said, in a statement sent to WXIN-TV.

"Kiddiegarden has never had any accusations of abuse or maltreatment from any of our children or parents. This was truly a sad, shocking and unfortunate event,” she continued.

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