Flags Across Indiana Lower To Half-Staff To Honor Slain Officer

Howard County Sherriff’s Deputy Carl Koontz and fellow officer Sgt. Jordan Buckley were shot in a trailer park in Russiaville.

While performing their duties about 60 miles north of Indianapolis and serving a warrant for possession of a syringe in a trailer park, Howard County Indiana Sherrif’s Deputy Carl Koontz and Sgt. Jordan Buckley fought bravely against a suspect who was also inside the trailer.

The responding police who managed to get into the trailer to retrieve the officers attempted to reach the suspect for about two hours, but remained unsuccessful. He was later found dead and remains unidentified as of yet. 

Although Buckley was injured and later deemed as stable at the hospital, Koontz underwent immediate surgery, but died of his wounds. An autopsy, which is now underway, will reveal whether or not the gunshot wound was self-inflicted or fired by the suspect, said Howard County Sheriff Steve Rogers.

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In honor of Koontz’s passing, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ordered that flags across the state be flown at half-staff.

"Deputy Koontz lost his life in the line of duty and his passing reminds us all of the courage and risk that every member of our law enforcement community and their families face every day in the defending our communities," Pence said.

People have also taken to social media to express their grief for the deputy and his family. Various processions in his honor are also being held.





Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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