Inmate Makes Stunning Escape By Running Under Closing Door

A Porter County man led police on a foot chase after he ducked under a closing garage door and escaped jail in a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood action movie.

An Indiana inmate is giving the local police department a hard time as he had made multiple attempts to escape the authorities.

A video released by the Porter County Sheriff's department shows the suspect, Michael Maldonado, dashing under a closing garage door after two officers brought him to the jail.

Maldonado was charged with unlawful possession of a syringe, driving with a suspended license and resisting law enforcement. Before the cops were able to bring him into the Porter County Jail, he had already attempted to escape twice.

According to the police reports, he tried to push past the officers after a glass crack pipe and hypodermic needle fell from his clothing while he was being searched. To restrain Maldonado, police struck him with a stun gun so he could be handcuffed.

However, he tried to escape even as he was being escorted to a police car.

The officers realized soon enough that Maldonado was a handful and requested help from the jail before arriving. But the jail didn’t seem to pay much heed as upon arrival to the enclosed garage at the facility, officers found no one there for additional help.

The suspect took advantage of that and fled from the vehicle and out of the building, sliding under the closing garage door, according to the police.

With the door closed, the police couldn’t immediately chase him and that delay gave Maldonado ample amount of time to run.

An outdoor surveillance camera caught an exterior shot of Maldonado running away, barefoot and wearing handcuffs in a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood action movie.

Although he was placed in hobble restraints, it clearly wasn’t enough to prevent him from escaping.

Police also recovered a car, which was stolen soon after Maldonado’s escape. According to the sheriff's office, the theft and escape were “believed to be connected.”

Maldonado stayed on the run until his arrest in Burns Harbor.

The Indiana suspect has made things worse for himself as now, along with other charges, a felony escape charge has been filed against him.

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