Indiana State Senator In Hot Water For 'Fat Women' Meme

Indiana State Senator Jack E. Sandlin claims he has no idea how a derogatory meme fat-shaming participants of the women’s march ended up on his Facebook wall.



Indiana State Senator Jack. E Sandlin sparked harsh criticism after sharing a derogatory meme on Facebook mocking the protesters at the Women’s March. Although he later deleted the tweet, the damage had already been done.

As it turns out, people had already taken screen shots of the post before Sandlin tried to kill the meme.

The post was shared from another conservative meme-sharing page called Mike's Corner, which is full of misogynist content and sarcastic memes making fun of women's rights.

Sandlin, who represents the 36th District in Indianapolis and Greenwood, later issued an apology stating he didn’t know how the meme ended up on his wall.

But that apology was also taken down from Facebook soon after being posted.

"I don't believe that I put it there," said Sandlin in an interview.

"There's always an outside chance that I could have hit something. I know others that have had stuff show up on their Facebook wall as well."

However, the internet users don’t believe his side of the story.







Another lawmaker, Rep. Jim Lucas(R-Seymour), following the footsteps of his misogynist commander-in-chief, shared a meme of a woman getting pepper sprayed at the protest.

“Participation trophies now in liquid form” was written over the picture. Lucas shared the meme on his Facebook with this caption, “Today's giggle ...”

The post was later deleted. But unlike Sandlin, Lucas is unapologetic for his post that drew the ire of many concerned people.

"It wasn't directed at women. It wasn't directed at the march, it was harmless sense of humor I share with many other people," Lucas said.

"I regret it was taken to this extreme, but I don't regret posting it.”

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