India’s Lightning Strikes Kill Over 90 People

Lightning strikes due to severe, annual monsoon rains killed over 90 people recently and were deemed the leading natural disaster in India.

Lightning strikes caused by monsoon rains killed more than 90 people throughout India on Tuesday. 

The country has experienced seasonal monsoon rains throughout recent years, killing 2,582 people from lighting strikes in 2014, according to CNN.

Vjas Ji, principal secretary in Bihar, spoke about how common the lightning catastrophes have been lately.

"Lightning strikes are common during monsoons, but there have been more strikes than usual this year,” Ji said.

The Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Jharkhand have been struck by lightning.

The majority of the 93 people who were killed by the deadly weather were working on farms when the severe showers hit, according to BBC.

International Business Times reports that many victims have died just in the past 24 hours. India is not the first location to be hit with deadly lightning strikes.

Last month, Bangladesh’s lightning strikes killed more than 60 people and causes were linked to mobile phone usage and global warming, according to Daily Mail.

While it’s impossible to control the inevitably changing weather in the world, it’s important to use safety precautions when lightning strikes.

Avoiding having contact with metal doors, not taking a shower or using a telephone are a few helpful tips for staying safe, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

It’s heartbreaking that lightning strikes can kill this number of people, while mother nature shows no pity. 

Banner Image Credit: Mathias Krumbholz, Wikimedia Commons

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