Indonesian Shaman Kept Woman As ‘Sex Slave’ For 15 Years

"She was led to believe that Amrin's spirit had entered (the elderly man's) body. It is obvious that he was satisfying his lust.”


An 83-year-old Indonesian shaman kidnapped a 12-year-old girl (13 in some accounts) and kept her as a sex slave for 15 years, according to Indonesian police.

A shaman is a “witch doctor” regarded as someone having influence over the world of good and evil spirits.

The man, referred to as “JG” by the police, lured the girl, claiming he was possessed by a spirit — or “jin” — of a young boy and initiated sexual relationship with her.

The woman, now 28-years-old, was rescued from the Tolitoli regency, in Central Sulawesi province. She was found in a rocky crevice in a jungle near Bajugan village, where she had been entrapped since her disappearance in 2003.

She spent her nights with the 83-year-old shaman in a hut nearby.

According to Central Sulawesi Police Chief Muhammad Iqbal Alqudusy, JG showed the woman a picture of a boy named Amrin "who she thought was her boyfriend."

"She was led to believe that Amrin's spirit had entered (the elderly man's) body," Iqbal said at a news conference. "It is obvious that he was satisfying his lust.”

Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country, still holds certain beliefs about spirits and other paranormal activities and usually these beliefs are what lead them to being conned by individuals claiming to be spiritual leaders.

Similarly, the woman, identified as “H,” was fooled by the shaman to believe she was having intercourse with "Jin Amrin" since 2003 "but she was really having sex with JG.”

The shaman admitted to having sex with “H” since 2008.

According to the police, the missing woman was found after neighbors were alerted by her sister.

The sister, according to local newspaper Jakarta Post, was married to the son of the same shaman — who was famous for healing techniques and spiritual channeling.

"The victim seems to have been brainwashed, making her afraid to run away and afraid to meet other people because she was being watched by a jin," a local resident named Sugeng told the Jakarta Post.

The shaman had justified the victim’s disappearance to her family, claiming she had found work in Jakarta. The family searched for the woman for years but to no avail. She was then declared missing.

Since the victim was a minor at the time of the abduction, the shaman has been charged with offences under Indonesia's child protection laws, which carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

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