Caretaker Caught On CCTV Beating And Kicking An Old, Disabled Man

Outrage after caretaker was caught on CCTV repeatedly hitting an elderly, disabled man who was wheelchair bound.

A caretaker outraged people in Taiwan after she was caught on video physically abusing an elderly person who was wheelchair bound.

In the footage, the unidentified woman can be seen hitting the elderly person on his head and face repeatedly while feeding him food. She also brutally stuffed the man’s face with some kind of mashed food with a spoon. The paralyzed man in his 80’s appeared helpless as the woman treated him horribly.

She stuffed more food in the man’s mouth, even though he clearly can be seen struggling to swallow the food that was already fed to him.

At one time, the woman forcibly put a cap on his head before taking him out for a stroll in his wheelchair; she can be seen apparently attempting to kick the man. Though her foot doesn’t touch the man, what she was doing looked like a threat to scare the man.

The video that was first shared by Facebook user Pham Thi Lien naturally outraged people.

“My God myself I’m working care giver here in Sweden I’m always hugging my patient because need a tender loving care .I know we do a lot of things for them because they feel really alone and lonely we got a lot of respect for them I’m really proud myself to be part of my job as a care giver,” commented one person on Facebook.

“I can’t watch till the end cause its breaks my heart. Why there are such people who can easily hurts physically someone like that,” lamented another person.

The woman in the video has now reportedly been arrested after the victim’s children discovered the harrowing footage.

Note to anyone thinking of opting for this profession: If you don’t have the patience to respect and deal with elderly people, don’t work for them. Being a caregiver requires a lot of compassion and sincerity.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Per-Anders Pettersson, Getty Images

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