Indonesian Minister Blames Corruption On 'Greedy Wives'

Indonesia’s minister of religious affairs offers his two cents on the topic of widespread corruption in his country.

Indonesia is often listed among the top 10 corrupt countries in Asia, and sometimes in the world.

As per a Gallup poll, more than eight in 10 Indonesians believe their government and businesses are riddled with corruption.

But according to the country’s minister of religious affairs, crooked officials and businessmen are not directly responsible for their criminal acts — their wives are.

While condemning widespread graft, Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said men become corrupt due to fulfill the needs of their materialistic wives.

“My message [to wives] is: do not demand excessively material things that are out of the ordinary, that would be an outstanding way for women to contribute,” Saifuddin said.

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"Corruption is often motivated by many things," he added, "extraordinary demands" from family members often turn people towards crime.

Apparently, women belonging to mega-rich families in Indonesia are notorious for spending obscene amounts of money on designer bags, shoes and dresses. This is in stark contrast to the two-thirds of the country’s population that lives on $2 a day  dangerously close to the poverty line.

Though, unlike what Saifuddin’s incredibly sexist comment suggests, women, quite obviously, are not responsible for the damning stats.

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This isn’t the first time an Indonesian politician has made headlines for making bizarre  and incredibly offensive  comments. Earlier in February, the mayor of Tangerang, Arief R Wismansyah, prompted backlash after suggesting instant noodles and formula milk are “making babies gay” during a pregnancy seminar.

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