Infamous ‘Choking Game’ Claims 12-Year-Old Boy’s Life

A preteen from the United Kingdom died after playing the dangerous “choking game” that involves starving the brain of oxygen until you lose consciousness.


A 12-year-old U.K. boy has died after playing a “choking game” in his bedroom while home alone.

Apparently, there is a trend going around the internet that includes youths posting videos choking themselves until they lose consciousness.

The point of the game is to induce a temporary “high” by starving the brain of oxygen.

Karnel Haughton’s mother, Gemma, reportedly found her son’s body upon returning home from shopping.

According to Metro, counselors are planning to visit Haughton’s school to talk to children about what they know of the dangerous game and to offer support to grieving staff and classmates.

The death is being treated by authorities as “unexplained” and has been left up to the coroner to determine, Telegraph reports.

A GoFundMe page for Haughton’s funeral is online and raised more than 2,000 Euros in three days.

Michael Honan posted a comment on the donation page empathizing with Haughton’s family: “We lost our beautiful 15 yr old boy to this nasty destructive practice. There were instruction [sic] on YouTube which we were able to get removed but they keep coming back.”

Unfortunately, Haughton is yet another young life claimed by this harmful trend. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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