Alex Jones Clashes With Anti-'Nazi-Scum' Protesters At RNC

In what is being called the tensest incident since the GOP convention began, talk show host Alex Jones got into a scuffle with anti-Trump protesters.



Conservative radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones got into a scuffle with anti-fascist demonstrators outside the Republican National Convention, Tuesday.

The GOP convention went on largely without incidents on the protest side for two days when Jones took to stage with a bullhorn and reportedly, led the crowd into a chant of “Hillary for prison” — the same message he had emblazoned on rented trucks making rounds around Cleveland during the RNC. That’s when two protesters waving red flags ambushed him, shouting, “Nazi scum! Nazi scum!”

The same demonstrators were seen earlier in the area yelling, “Off our streets, Nazi scum.”

The video posted on Twitter shows, Jones holding on to a police officer to save himself from the attackers.  Shouts and shoves ensued but Jones wasn't injured during the fracas. Police officers riding on bikes were quickly able to diffuse the tense situation and within a few moments Jones was whisked away, followed by a hoard of cameramen and campaigners.

Jones hurriedly stepped into an unmarked SUV as around 100 police officers cordoned off the area with their motorbikes.



No arrests were made over the incident despite the fact police had to get in between campaigners. Since the event started, five people have been arrested, reported police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia — a pretty tame number considering the kind of violence Donald Trump rallies usually feature.

The episode with Jones wasn’t the only one that created a ruckus on the day Trump was confirmed as the Republican nominee. Shortly after the event, members of the Westboro Baptist Church, KKK and Black Lives Matter started their own protests.


Comedian Eric Andre also hijacked Jones' storm and hilariously trolled him before the scuffle happened.


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