Prisoner Saves Officer From Attack By Fellow Inmate

The attacker could face an additional five-year sentence if convicted for assault on a police officer.

Jail officer Matthew Hudson has an inmate to thank for surviving an relentless attack from another inmate.

Surveillance footage that emerged from Payne County Jail in Oklahoma just this week shows an inmate kicking and punching Hudson, who desperately tried to defend himself from the bombardment of one punch after another from 24-year-old Tashka Robert Frank Maret.

Another inmate, Robert Charles Hammock, sitting nearby and waiting for his release to be processed, soon approached the pair. In an attempt to separate them, he took his fellow inmate into a bear hug and pinned him down to the ground.

Hudson then punched Maret until another jailer intervened.

The attacker was initially jailed for allegedly public intoxication and petty larceny. Now for his assault on the police officer, Maret could be charged with an additional five years in jail, if convicted.

According to Capt. Kevin Woodward of the Payne County Sheriff’s Office, fewer officers are being employed on the floor at jails due to budget cuts. As a result, inmates have to be cautious of fellow prisoners.

Although the officer appreciated Hammock for his kind deed toward the officer, he also urged others to first watch out for themselves in order to avoid getting hurt.

Check out the encounter between the officer and inmate in the video above. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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