Instagram Celebrity Sisters Arrested For Trying To Extort Billionaire

Two Instagram celebrities have been arrested for cyber bullying and extortion after they blackmailed a Nigerian billionaire, demanding large sums of money.

Nigerian police arrested two Canadian Instagram celebrity sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, on accounts of cyber bullying and extortion.

The women are popular among social media circles for their luxurious lifestyle. Netizens have even compared them to the Kardashians, as their pictures mostly show them chilling on beaches, flashing branded jewelry, and taking vacations around the world.


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However, the Matharoos recently took a huge jab to their popularity when they got caught  operating a website called Naijagistlive, which they used to blackmail high-profile rich men, accusing them of cheating and dealing with prostitutes.

One of their victims happened to be Nigerian oil tycoon Femi Otedola.

Apparently, the money-hungry duo tried to blackmail Otedola, claiming they have evidence of him cheating on his wife with prostitutes. Using a third party, the sisters got in touch with their victims and demanded “thousands of dollars or risk the release of the recordings/pictures/videos online through their website.”

They even allegedly recorded inappropriate conversations with these rich men and then used the audios against them.

However, in Otedola’s case, the sisters got unlucky when he took things to the next level and involved the police. The entrepreneur philanthropist reported the blackmail attempt and stated the sisters had confessed and apologized for their involvement with the fraudulent website.

The sisters appeared in the Yaba Magistrate Court a few days ago and the case will be heard once again on Jan. 26.

 “From time to time, I charged various individuals for the removal of certain content posted on the site, as well as for the posting of certain information about various people,” an article by Politics Nigeria stated.

Consular services are being provided to the Toronto-born women.

Salem Moussallam, who is apparently friends with the sisters claimed he was “very shocked” about the mess they have landed in.

The next court hearing will be able to determine what happens with the women.

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