'Banned Grandmas’ On Instagram Shows Who Trump Is Truly Keeping Out

People are submitting photos of their grandmothers to the Banned Grandma's Instagram account in protest of President Donald Trump's travel ban.


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President Donald Trump’s travel ban has been through many ups and downs since it was first abruptly implemented at the beginning of the year.

After being blocked by federal courts, the Supreme Court decided to allow parts of the ban targeting six Muslim-majority countries to go into effect last month. Alas, even modified the policy is doing more harm than good.

A harrowing Instagram account titled “Banned Grandmas” shares photos of grandmothers who can’t travel to the United States to see their families under the ban’s guidelines.


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The account is run by 31-year-old Holly Dagres who is an Iranian-American political analyst currently based in Jerusalem. According to Business Insider, Dagres started the page in an effort to put a face to the innocent people Trump’s travel ban is affecting.

The Supreme Court ruling indicated that persons with “bona fide” relationships with an American citizen would be allowed into the country which includes parents, but not grandparents, aunts, or uncles.

Dagres’ grandmother passed away in 2013, but to jumpstart the page she shared a photo of herself with her grandmother whom— if she were still alive — would be prohibited from entering the U.S. under this ban.


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Some people submitted photos of their grandmothers with sarcastic explanations pointing to the absurdity of the ban. For example, Yasmin shared a photo of her Muslim grandma who is “guilty of the wild belief that each meal must be accompanied by sherry and a cigarette.”


Yasmin's grandma is guilty of the wild belief that each meal must be accompanied by sherry and a cigarette

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Even a Democratic politician running for Congress in Orange County got in on the action. Kia Hamadanchy submitted a photo of his grandma with a dig at Trump.

“Trump can go out there with his rhetoric," the politician reportedly told Time magazine. "But everyone loves their grandmother and this shows who he's actually keeping out.”


?@RepMimiWalters has stayed silent on Trump's #MuslimBan and in 2018, we are going to defeat her. #GrandparentsNotTerrorists ?

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This social media profile paints a poignant picture of just how ridiculous and unnecessary Trump's discriminatory policy is.

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