Paul Ryan Wishes Father's Day While Immigrant Families Are Torn Apart

“Tell it to the dads who’ve had their kids taken from them by the president to gain leverage in congressional negotiation.”



As the Trump administration continues its crackdown on immigrants, relentlessly ripping away families and detaining children in questionable facilities , House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) decided to wish “all of the dads” a happy Father’s Day over the weekend.

Amid the ongoing child detainment crisis where almost every day a harrowing piece of information concerning immigrant families comes to light, Ryan's cheerful post celebrating fatherhood, didn't sit well with many.

Speaker Ryan is a father of three children.

In a Twitter video titled “How Becoming a Father Changed My Life,” the Republican reflected on how having children majorly shaped his ambitions and changed his outlook towards life.

“My life changed the day I became a father. Liza, Charlie, and Sam are my highest priority,” Ryan tweeted. “Wishing all of the dads out there a happy early Fathers Day.”

The internet exploded over the speaker's tone-deaf post where social media users reminded him of how thousands of children are out there without the protection of their fathers—all because of the administration's notorious "zero-tolerance" policy.





Moreover, prominent political and apolitical figures also lashed out at Ryan for his ignorance over a matter that has essentially rocked the nation.

“As a father who clearly cares for his children, Speaker Ryan should think of the agony that immigrant fathers are experiencing as their children are torn away from them due to the Trump Admin’s heartless policy and congressional Republicans’ complicity,” noted political scientist Miranda Yaver.

Hillary Clinton’s former national press secretary also talked on behalf of numerous immigrant fathers who are unaware of their kids' whereabouts.

“Paul Ryan is wishing a happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, except those who may be seeking asylum in this country and have had their young children ripped from their arms,” argued Brian Fallon. “Those dads get Paul Ryan’s cowardly silence.”

Many authors of renowned publications also used their voice to remind Ryan how father's day wouldn't be the same for everyone.

“Except dads seeking asylum. In those cases, you are sitting by while this administration rips their children away and detains them,” noted Think Progress editor Judd Legum. “Those fathers will not be having a Happy Father’s Day.”

“Tell it to the dads who’ve had their kids taken from them by the president to gain leverage in congressional negotiation,” Vox writer Matthew Yglesias urged. “Visit one such dad, look him in the eye; and tell him how much your life changes and what a priority Liza, Charlie, and Sam are.”

Even Singer and Oscar winner John Legend, who is a father of two with wife Chrissy Teigen, tore into Ryan for his father's day video.


The blatant hypocrisy and double standard of the lawmaker was infuriating for many, which is a clear indication of the revulsion the public holds for the administration's draconian measures to deal with immigrants.

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