Trump’s Latest Twitter Gaffe Proves The Yates Hearing Left Him Rattled

“Never really believed there was collusion between Trump & Russia... until he just put that twitter header up,” commented a social media user.



President Donald Trump, the human embodiment of the word narcissism, has a strange tendency to tweet most bizarre and factually incorrect things, be it a baseless story about former Miss Universe or a recent attack on ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, at all hours of the night.

To put it simply, Trump treats Twitter like a personal blog, sharing his opinion — sometimes rather aggressively — about everything, seemingly unconcerned he is the leader of the free world and everyone is privy to all the cringeworthy and misspelled statements he posts.

Therefore, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when the president took to social media to comment on former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ Senate hearing on the alleged Russian conspiracy to influence the 2016 elections and the possible ties between Moscow and ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Not only did Trump criticize Yates, whom he fired for not supporting his controversial Muslim ban, but also brought up the testimony of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, where he claimed he did not personally see any evidence of collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian operatives.

Interestingly, Clapper also mentioned he did not have access to the information obtained by FBI on the matter, but Trump conveniently forgot to mention that.




Then, instead of pinning the tweet about Clapper’s testimony on his Twitter profile like regular folks, the commander-in-chief went a step ahead and had it Photoshopped on a completely unrelated picture of a bunch of white people giving thumbs up.

He then uploaded it as his header image for the whole world to see.


If anything, Trump’s latest Twitter gaffe proves no matter how much he tries to hide it, the ongoing Russian investigation has left him rattled.

Obviously, Twitter did not hold back from eviscerating the president’s hilarious attempt at refuting collusion allegations.


















… and the one to trump them all:



Following the intense social media reaction, President Donald Trump has replaced the header image.

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