Internet Saves Man Who Offered Possessions To Anyone Who’d Kill Him

The man thought he could end his life by asking someone to kill him in exchange for his possessions. What he got instead was nothing but support.

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An Australian man from Gold Coast put an ad online offering all of his belongings to anyone who would kill him, but instead of taking up the offer, the internet rallied to save him.

According to the Australian news site News.Com.Au, the man decided to take to Facebook to find someone who would be willing to put an end to his life in exchange for everything he owned.

After putting an ad on the Facebook group “Gold Coast buy, sell and swap with easy rules,” the unidentified man received hundreds of responses, but not from anyone willing to kill him. Instead, they all rallied behind the man, with some even traveling to where he was to offer help.

“I will pay someone with everything I own for one favour ... anyone interested,” the man wrote.

He then listed his belongings, which were “$300 + TV Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 2, about 100 games, 60 DVDs (and) 2 laptops.”

“All that if one person grants my request,” he added. “Not a joke, the [favor] is simple ... Kill me.”

As Facebook users replied telling him that he shouldn’t give up on life, one man who lives 30 miles away traveled all the way to where he was located to check on him. Others called emergency services, and many privately messaged the Gold Coast man, telling him that they were there for him.

“There’s plenty out there to live for,” user Nick Lucas commented. 

“What good are your belongings when you’re in jail charged with murder? I’d rather get you some help,” Daisy Chain added.

Karen Holmes, another user, offered the man help if he needed someone to talk to.

“Message me anytime you want to vent,” she commented.

Still, the man wasn’t having it; he still just wanted someone to bring an end to his life.

“I’m over it ... I want to be at peace,” he wrote.

“I’ve been in this same spot for 5 years ... I want the suffering to end ... I want to go to the next world,” he added. “A life in this world is worth nothing to me ... it is a curse.”

As some users offered their personal numbers, others gave him the contact information for emergency suicide support groups. Many people continued talking to the guy so he wouldn’t try to harm himself, while others brainstormed to figure out ways they could help the man.

“Get real help my friend. I was where you are one year ago. Now life is wonderful. Believe in yourself,” another user told him.

Eventually, an ambulance was called to where the man allegedly lives. Officials were not able to comment further to the news organizations due to privacy concerns. According to News.Com.Au, local police issued a statement saying that officers “were called to an incident in relation to a person possibly intending self-harm and that a person received medical attention.”

In a post uploaded to the Facebook group page, a woman who called herself the man’s mother said that she was thankful that so many strangers stepped up to help her son. But first, she apologized since the whole incident “has upset people and possibly triggered others,” she said.  

“The messages of support are overwhelming,” she added, explaining that her son has been “taken aback by everyone’s kind words and encouragement.”

“[My son] is diagnosed [with a condition] and medicated with a big team behind him. Please I would like your members to know how grateful I am to them and that he is OK and being looked after,” she then concluded.

It’s beautiful to see so many people come together to help a complete stranger the way these Facebook users did to help save this Australian man. Like Facebook user Margaret Thomson said, this episode helps us feel that there’s still hope for humanity.

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